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"In some ways I would say this album is more optimistic than Congratulations because it’s more about empowerment. It’s about saying we’re all strong enough to look all these scary things in the face and deal with them. I’m so sick of all this indie rock that’s coming out that’s about finding a space where everything is OK and telling everyone they’re safe and sound. Everything is not OK and everyone should know that. But we can deal with it. I don’t think this album is dark or depressing. It’s reality. It’s about freaking yourself out in a good way and getting more real. It’s not about “Everything sucks.” We’re all going to make things better and become better people if we confront those lies."

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MGMT by Andy Ford

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'Time To Pretend'

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MGMT - Siberian Breaks (x)

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Andrew DJing at the AnOther Magazine and Maiyet dinner on September 9, 2014.


Photos by Aurelien Guichard


MGMT on the set of Congratulations, 2010.



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