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'Time To Pretend'


me listening to MGMT

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MGMT + Tame Impala

“There’s not really any new bands that make me go, “Wow! This is great!” and this was the first time this had happened to me in a while. We toured with them and they were kindred spirits, but way cooler than us!” — Andrew VanWyngarden

“As soon as we met them it was like we met our brothers from another continent.” — Ben Goldwasser

“If I see a band I love, I always think, “They’ve got the right idea, we’re doing it wrong. I gotta sell my shit out and do it like them.”… MGMT is probably a big one, because, before we even knew them, we fell in love with their album, and their pop sensibility had a big effect on us.” — Kevin Parker

“Man, these guys play their instruments better than any other people their age that I’ve ever seen.” — Jay Watson

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you guys… do you think it’s better to buy an e-reader and download books on it, or just to buy the actual books?



Question: If you owned a McDonald's and all your employees were just clones of yourself, what problems would your McDonald's have?
Andrew: Okay, so you know in American Gladiators at the end when they have those guns that shoot the tennis balls? I would have that but they'd be shooting chicken nuggets and then I would have a really big dog that would try to eat the chicken nuggets in the air. Like, catch them in his mouth.